It was somewhere in the previous century. Exactly, 30 March 1988. Five dancing couples, all very known at the world of folk dance, would start something new. This they have done under the guidance of Jan Kloetstra, a well-known name in the world of the folk dancing.

There was no lack of enthusiasm. However, it was difficult to find a place where the practises could be organised. After some wandering, this was found in Burgum.
A new dancing group meant looking for a name and research to a costume (See link Costume). There was chosen for the name Eastergoa Skotsers. A Frisian name which means `Oostergo’. In former days Friesland had been subdivided in four parts, namely: The Eleven Cities, Westergo, The seven Forests and Oostergo. Hence that there it is chosen for the name Eastergoa Skotsers. There has been chosen for the Frisian name, because the members want show their solidarity with Fryslân expressly. The Eastergoa Skotsers have their own flag and banner. These find its origin in the history of Oostergo and the colours red and white The weapon of the group has the same colours.

The next step was the choice for a costume. The Eastergoa Skotsers distinguished themselves of other dancing groups which are active in the province Friesland. The most of groups are dressed at clothing from the period around 1860. The Eastergoa Skotsers have chosen for the Frisian costume such as that was dresses in the period 1820 - 1840. More specific information and photograph you can find at the link ‘Costume’.

On Tuesday 14 March 1989 the official presentation of the Eastergoa Skotsers in new costume took place on Fogelsang-state at Veenklooster. Meanwhile, The group has been enlarged with more dancing couples and musicians. Soon the existence of a new dancing group was known at the world of the people who cherish folkdance . At several places in and outside the province shows were given and these were received with enthusiasm.

At November 1989 the Eastergoa Skotsers could greet their first guests. With the Trachtengruppe Salder from Germany, the Eastergoa Skotsers tend to show in Burgum. At June 1990 we brought a visit to this German group. In the course of the years we have visited groups among Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Belgium.

At February 1991 a dancing festival was organised by the Eastergoa Skotsers for the first time. This festival took place in the Pleats at Burgum. It was a modest festival with some guest groups. In the course of the years this festival has developed into event of several days and also with several foreign groups. Some years ago, the organisation of this festival has been disconnected of the Eastergoa Skotsers and its founded at a own foundation.