Welcome on the Internet page of the Eastergoa Skotsers! On this page you find all kinds of information on the folk dancing, music's and song group from Burgum. The Eastergoa Skotsers has been established on 23 March 1988, with the intention to support and carry out the old Frisian folklore.

The name of our group has been extracted from the region where are established. After 1500 Friesland was separated in four parts, namely: The eleven cities, Westergo, Oostergo and the Seven Forests. Our group is established at Oostergo. Translated into the Frisian language this is Eastergoa. `Skotsers’ is the Frisian word for ‘dancers’, hence the name.
The Eastergoa Skotsers dance in the authentic Frisian costume from the period 1820 - 1840, with as particular element for the women narrow ear iron, dressed with a long flapping bonnet. More information and photograph concerning the ladies and lord costume you will find at the link ‘Costume’.

The programme of dances also descends from the period 1820 - 1840 and contains some very specific dances from the region, that in former was known as Oostergo.

More information about this we refer you to the link to Costume and Information